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Air Purifier Q8plus Mini Portable Ion Negatif

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Air Purifier Q8plus Mini Portable Ion Negatif
????New upgrade in 2021:
1. Using the latest Japanese negative ion technology, the amount of negative ions released is increased to 100 million, and the purification efficiency is increased by about 20 times.
2. Built-in German Bosch power management chip, intelligently adjust the current, with temperature protection, high voltage protection, use flame-retardant materials, and use it more safely.
3. Support 90-240V voltage input, plug air purifier Q8 can be used in any country in the world.

1. There are more than 100 million negative ions released around it, which is more scientific and more evenly distributed. The negative ions are distributed along the wall, forming a completely surrounded negative ions.
2. Power saving: smart chip power saving solution, durable.
3. A more reasonable way of space purification: a light breath every 40 seconds, to increase and decrease the release more scientifically.
4. Easy to use: A button switch eliminates tedious dialing and insertion. Plug and play, peace of mind. It is delicate, small, and does not block other lines.
5. Widely applicable: suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, study rooms, offices and other occasions.

1. Surround the angle of the ventilation system to breathe the breath of the forest.
2. Zero decibel low power consumption, ecological purification, safe and convenient, power saving chip.

Brand: Aolon
Model: Q8
Name: Plug air purifier
Material: ABS(Flame retardant material)
Charging port: Socket
Input voltage: 90-240V
Input power: 1W
Rated frequency: 50/60hz (HZ)
Highest noise: <5dB
Applicable area: 31-40 square meters
A-nion concentration: 100million / cm³
Weight: 56g
Size: 113*40*48mm

????The package includes:
1*Plug air purifier

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Air Purifier Q8plus Mini Portable Ion Negatif
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